Saturday, September 15, 2012

The POWER of The Human HEART!

As science looks more and more at the human body with greater technology, we have begun to come full circle in understanding what the ancients knew about the heart, the brain, and divine consciousness.

What is the heart? Is it more than just a pump for blood? Or could the truth about its power be related to the essence of your entire being, and have a field of energy so great that it can transform not just your own being into that of light, love and happiness, but even those around you. What is the shining light of the heart, and how can you access it and gain the inner knowing of who you are and why you are here:

“The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.” -Buddha

“The heart is an organ or perception. It is electromagnetic, neural and hormonal. The heart's electromagnetic field is five thousand times stronger than the brain's electromagnetic field. Fifty percent of heart cells are neural and form their own neural network, the intelligence of the heart.

The heart produces hormones that diffuse throughout the whole body helping to regulate biological functions. The heart has direct neural connection to the emotional centers of the brain and has its own logic, the wisdom of the heart. The heart receives information directly from its environment and distributes it through the whole psychosomatic network via these pathways. To have an open heart is to be fully awakened and truly alive.” -Vito Santana
“Neural electrical activity has been correlated with different states of awareness. Children do not display the neural electrical activity associated with conscious awareness until after six years of age. They spend the first six years of their lives in the state referred to as the hypnagogic trance. This is the same state that hypnotists induce to implant suggestions directly into the subconscious mind.

All patterns of behavior that emerge from experiences where conscious processing is absent or suspended remain below the level of conscious awareness, and tends to be repeated. As an adult any experience that rises above a certain stress threshold induces the hypnagogic state, resulting in a suspension of conscious processing. In this state whatever we experience will be stored in our subconscious memory but not consciously processed.

This is why we are bombarded daily with negative messages that frighten us. It suspends our conscious processing and keeps our subconscious mind open to suggestive programming. In this way we are molded to fit the agenda of the elite. We are regressed daily into a state of hypnagogic compliance and downloaded with predictive programming by the media and entertainment industry.” -Vito Santana
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