Monday, December 5, 2016

Quiz: Are You OCD, Anal Or Just A Perfectionist?

Out of the following three options, which type of person do you envision yourself to be; a perfectionist, picky and precise, or OCD? It's not the easiest question to answer and before you can truly determine which one describes you the best, you need to know a little more background information on each of them. The following is a basic breakdown of the aforementioned personality types, what they entail, and the main differences that set them apart from one another.

Quiz: Are You OCD, Anal Or Just A Perfectionist?

Those who are picky and precise are often very neat and organized, more so than perfectionists but to a lesser degree than those with OCD. They are primarily focused on their health and appearance, as personal hygiene tends to be their number one priority. They're the type of people who take pride in their looks and are always well-groomed. They step out in clean clothes, freshly ironed shirts, shiny shoes, and seem to always be preoccupied with the finer details in life. Some people may call them anal retentive but that term doesn't do this personality type justice, rather they're meticulous and just plain picky!

In comparison, perfectionists are hyper observant people who are extremely quick when it comes to noticing all of the small, minor details that everyone else either overlooks or completely misses. They are also very smart and hate failure or making mistakes, which is part of the reason why they try so hard to be perfect. Oftentimes they have their own particular way of doing things that they view as the best way of going about something. This makes working with a perfectionist hard to do at times because they're so focused on doing things their way that they end up blocking out everything else that doesn't fit into their preconceived mold.

Those with OCD are vastly different from picky people and perfectionists, in fact they are perfectionists to the nth degree. They have uncontrollable obsessions and rituals which cause them a lot of worry and anxiety. These obsessions may be thoughts or actions and the most typical types include hand washing, cleaning, counting, and checking things. In fact, they often perform triple or quadruple checks to ensure everything is done right and perfect. If things aren't just so, they hone in on the littlest of errors and obsess over it until it's fixed.

In the end, you may not even fit into any of the above categories and you're simply normal! Even so, the easiest way to figure out where you fall on the perfectionist, preciseness, or OCD spectrum is by taking this quiz. It explores your behaviors, worries, preferences, and desires towards a number of different scenarios and levels of disorder. (via Sun Gazing)

Your responses will all point towards which type best describes you so try and now to get your results. Don't forget to pass it on and share with whomever else you may think needs to test themselves!