Friday, May 26, 2017

Quiz: Can You Spot All 6 People In This Picture?

Do you consider yourself to be the type of individual who notices more details than the average person seems to? If you have a natural penchant for picking up on the little things that most others always seem to overlook, completely miss, or fail to spot, then you are highly perceptive!

There are many reasons as to why some of us are more visually aware of our surroundings and just about everything else that we look at. In some instances it may boil down to one being a perfectionist, others train their mind's eye to hone in on certain things, and of course lots of us just have naturally excellent vision! The image below will put your eyesight to the test. It's an optical illusion which is meant to trick your eyes and stump your brain. Hidden in among the black and white drawing are a total of six distinct people.

How many you will be able to detect and see will depend on how perceptive you truly are! Take a look at it now and find out if you have average perception skills or visual abilities which are much more finely tuned than the majority of the population! Good luck and enjoy!