Monday, April 3, 2017

Instead Of Helping Her, This Woman Films Maid Fall From 7th Floor Window

On Thursday, a Twitter account posted a video that is in no way for the faint of heart. The short clip is of a woman, a maid, hanging from a window on the seventh floor of a building. The viewer watches with horror as she falls to the ground below after pleading for help from the woman filming. You read that right. Instead of helping the maid, the woman stood there and filmed the whole thing.

Instead Of Helping Her, This Woman Films Maid Fall From 7th Floor Window

The post, uploaded by @Almajlliss, was captioned by a news service in Kuwait with the following: “When humanity is absent because of the mobile video.” The woman filming even spoke to the dangling maid before she fell. In the comments, when a user asked for a translation of her words, another user replied that the woman said, “You crazy! Come here!” As if the woman — who, incidentally, is hanging on by one hand — was just having a laugh.

Warning: Graphic video below.

Amazingly, the maid lived. A witness on the ground — as in the ground the maid plummeted to — filmed what followed. This second clip shows firefighters attempting to help the clearly dazed woman down a ladder.

As far as commentary on the digital age goes, this one pretty much speaks for itself.

[Update: The Guardian is now reporting that the woman who filmed the maid's fall has been detained by Kuwaiti police. The fall may have been a suicide attempt. According to The Guardian:

"The Kuwait Society for Human Rights on Friday called on the authorities to investigate the case and refer it to court. "The oil-rich Gulf state is home to more than 600,000 domestic helpers, a majority of them Asians, many of whom complain of abuse, mistreatment and non-payment of wages. "Hundreds of maids escape their employers every year over abuse, and the government has set up shelters for them. Some seek help from their embassies.”

These are crazy times, indeed.