Sunday, January 22, 2017

Can You Pass This Trick Word Association Quiz? Find Out

Proper English, spelling, syntax, composition, grammar, reading; all of these words have a lot to do with one another and overlap significantly in many areas of our lives. They are what form the basis of our language and vocabulary and they give us the ability to interact and understand each other in our day to day lives.

Can You Pass This Trick Word Association Quiz? Find Out

It helps to have a broad knowledge of vocabulary and know a lot of words. You're better able to understand others and get your point across. In direct contrast, people who have a very limited vocabulary often lack a firm grasp of their native language and how it works. This puts them at a major disadvantage because they are more likely to be misunderstood and sometimes what they say gets lost in translation.

What it all comes down to is that the more words and terms you are familiar with and know about, the better prepared you will be for life and whatever comes your way. This might leave you wondering exactly how much does the average native English speaker know when it comes to vocabulary? The results of a very interesting study focused on vocabulary size, which was conducted online by The Economist over the course of several years, will help shed some light on this. The data they compiled is quite revealing and below are a few of the more pertinent statistics the study yielded:

  • The average adult native test-taker knows anywhere from 20,000 to 35,000 words.
  • Up until middle-age, the average adult native test-taker's vocabulary will continue to grow steadily as they learn about one new word each day.
  • Upon reaching middle-age this vocabulary growth all but ends.

This fun quiz offers you a chance to test your own vocabulary skills and see how you measure up against other native English speakers! It tests your word association abilities and how your brain processes and interprets a series of words. Try it now and see how you do!